1) How can I earn money?
1. Using OfferWalls from our partners - completing tasks, offers, surveys, viewing websites and playing games.

2. By Referring other people (70% from each sale generated by your referrals)

You can request your money via Paypal/Payza, when you have at least $5.00 to your Account Balance.
After your request was sent, to receive your money you have to wait:
- up to a week (PayPal)
- up to 60 days (Payza)


- To request your money, you must make at least 500 clicks/exchanges and be registered member for at least 30 days.
2) Are there any bonuses?
Yes, of course!


- 10 Coins FREE members
- 100 Coins VIP members

You have to Exchange at least 10 pages (g+ / follow / tweet / traffic exchange) to claim your daily bonus!
3) How do I use my coins for social and traffic exchanges?
As long as you have a url set to active, your coins are automatically deducted from your account every time a member likes your page, surfs your site, follows you... If you set your url to disabled, it will not use your coins.

You can get clicks faster by putting your CPC up higher and your pages will show up before all other users. You can put your CPC up to 4 if you purchase VIP and you will be the first person showing up on each page.
4) How To Post a Payment Proof?
You don't have to upload proofs for received payouts before requesting another payout, but it's recommended!

1) First of you should make a screenshot of your payment. To do this, login to you payment processor account (Payza or PayPal). Then open your payment details and press PRTSC (ImprPant) Button on the keyboard to capture the image.

Where is PRTSC Button? Look this image:

2) Now open the paint from "Start menu" -> "Programs" -> "Accessories" -> "Paint". and press CTRL+V to paste the captured image of payment. Now click Click on "File" -> "Save" and save the payment in JPEG format.

3) Next, this is the important thing to do. For the security purposes, You have to erase or hide the transaction ID and Your email ID. Use the "Eraser" or "Brushes" tool to perform this work.

4) After that, you have to upload the image.

5) Can I access my account from different locations?
YES. We do not mind if you access your account from different locations. Accessing your account from a different IP address does not put your account in any danger of being closed or suspended.

Accessing your account from public network ( work, the Library, friends house, internet cafe etc.) may lead to permanent suspension!
You may not share your PC or/and IP with any other Exchange PRO member.
If our system detects this activity we lock both accounts.
6) What are the Terms And Conditions?
You can read our Terms And Conditions HERE.
7) Can i get a refund?
No. All transactions are final and definitive.
8) How can I see the stats of my ACTIVE referrals?
1. To see how many referrals you have, click Affiliates button.

2. Then,to see which of them are active, make a left click on the number.

Look this image:

9) Do I have to be active to keep my account secure?
Members must log in at least once every 30 day(s) in order to stay active.
Inactive accounts can lose their Account Balance, Memberships and Coins.
10) Why my account is not reflecting the coins that i should have earned?
To successfully make the exchanges, you must be logged in to your social media accounts.

Take Facebook for example:
If you are NOT SIGN IN, then you CAN'T LIKE anyone's page.

Please note that this doesn't apply to the TRAFFIC EXCHANGE section.
11) I added funds but my account is not credited. What should I do?
Nothing, just wait for a while.
Please keep in mind that we do all transactions manually.
We will add money to your account balance as soon as possible (usually within a few hours).
12) Why I did not receive a DAILY BONUS?
Daily bonus is not granted automatically.

When you make 10 exchanges, you must visit the "Daily Bonus" page and click the "GET BONUS" button.
13) Are the costs of payments too high?
PayPal (or any other payment processor) will charge you fees for receiving our payments. We are not paying their fees, unless you are a VIP member.

For more information, contact your payment processor support or just upgrade your account.
14) Can I access my account with a proxy?
No. It is a violation of the Exchange Pro Terms And Conditions.

You must not access your account with a Proxy, Vpn or any anonymizing service. You can be banned and/or lose all your earnings and also not be able to view any tasks, offers or surveys if we detect a proxy.
15) May i add funds and then withdraw them?
The added funds are not allowed to withdraw.
If we notice such activity, we reserve the right to charge additional costs.
16) Questions regarding the OfferWalls (Minutestaff, PTCWall,ClixWall...)?

Q)I do not have access to Minutestaff offerwall! Can you unblock me?

A)If you can't do Minutestaff, you should try again later. But If the issue persists, we can't do anything regarding that, but we do reccomend that you contact them at: http://www.minutestaff.com/contact_us.php
Please note that they will respond to your ticket within a 3-5 days. Their support is very slow...








Q)Why my account is not credited for completed task?

A)Please keep in mind that we do all transactions manually.
We will add money to your account balance within a 24 hours.
17) Why does my account reflects the negative coins?
It comes from one of two possible reasons:

1. Your active page has had multiple users (exchange of) at the same time.

2. Some OfferWall (usually Minutestaff) has denied one of your previous earnings due to non-compliance.
The most common reasons are improper execution of the task and / or use various proxy services.
18) Why my request for payment is rejected?
1. If Your payment request is declined because you had a negative amount of coins, thats because we need to compensate expenses and return the rest to your account balance.

2. You are unable to receive funds.trough PayPal/Payza.

3. Please keep in mind that there may be some other reason, such as a violation of our terms and conditions.
19) When will I get paid (Cashout)?
After your request was sent, to receive your money you have to wait:
- up to 7 days (PayPal)
- up to 60 days (Payza)
20) My question is not listed here!
Please do not hesitate to Contact Us.