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Earn Extra Coins

Earn Extra Coins in less then 5 minutes!
All you need to do is to create a video about our website, post it to YouTube, in the YouTube description you have to add our link and a good description about our website (be creative) then post the link here ( Write a Comment) and wait for one of the admins to review it!

What you can get? It depends on the quality.
You can get up to:
- 1.200 Coins (low quality)
- 3.000 Coins! (medium quality)
- 6.000 Coins! (very good quality)
- 12.000 Coins (excellent quality)

- Award for one video per user only
- Link/video must NOT be deleted after receiving the award

Exchange Pro quick survey

Your opinion is important to us.
Please honestly answer 8 simple questions and help us improve our service.
When you finish it (2-3 min.) you'll get our COUPON CODE - 120 Coins.

Just follow our survey link:


If you notice any malfunction in our scripts, please let us know.
If we acknowledge your report (must be unique), you will be rewarded with $ 3.

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